Reiki has provided me with such a spiritual, intuitive, and universal shift in my life that I was and wasn’t expecting. Opening portals of ancestral connection as well as healing, oversoul alignment and divine wisdom. Such a soulful experience. Erica is very understanding, laid back, and allows you to feel comfortable and protected in her space and vibrations. After my first session, I booked the package of 4, that’s how good I felt after our first encounter. I now encourage my family and friends to learn more about Reiki and its healing components. — S.J.

I found Erica through a friend. I had hit the darkest low of my life, and I was working on a lot of deep healing. Listening to my friend talk about her Reiki experience led me to knock on Erica’s door as I was seeking all manner of meditative spaces. Physically and emotionally being in Erica’s space helped to allow light back into my spirit. Perhaps more than any other person in my life, Erica was able to read messages from my body, my spirit, my chakras — honestly, I don’t know how it all works in its theory — and provide a place where I felt most heard and seen. And this was so healing. — J.B.

Erica has a special way of connecting with you. Without asking for much, she is able to offer ideas and insight into whatever you may need. She has a simple, yet meaningful way of explaining Reiki that helps new clients and old clients alike understand how to get the most out of their session. Working with Erica is a wonderful experience that I highly recommend! — J.P.

I have received Reiki from many practitioners, and the most profound feelings of healing have occurred from sessions with Erica. Erica starts each session with a discussion on what has been happening in my life, asking if there are any concerns, and in my case we talk mostly about my spiritual and emotional journey. During the session I am able to relax, receive the energy, and feel connected to spirit. Erica is intuitive and shares insights she feels during the session as well. I feel grounded and balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually after each session. I cannot thank Erica enough for the strength and healing I have received from working with her. — A.E.