9 Benefits of Reiki

Reiki and Crystals
Crystal Energy

If you’ve ever experienced Reiki, then you probably know that Reiki helps you to slow down and be fully present in your body.

Reiki is a gift that offers physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health benefits. If you are stressed, anxious, facing a life change, participating in talk therapy, going through an illness, injury, or a chronic condition, Reiki can become an important aspect of your healing journey. Reiki is also a great tool for raising your energy and inviting more joy into your life.

Reiki is based on the principle that Universal Life Force energy flows through all forms of life. Within your body, your cells, organs, and central nervous system are in constant communication with the intentions of maintaining your balance and vitality. Additionally, your thoughts and emotions greatly influence the life force energy within your body.

A Reiki practitioner can work with clients by holding intentional safe space for them. This holding is the Reiki practitioner placing their hands over various regions of the body. Touch facilitates awareness, which leads to body mindfulness and a deep state of relaxation. The Reiki practitioner’s touch is like a supportive hand that holds and supports while a client does their inner work.

1. Reiki helps to be present in the body.

All of us live busy lives. Work, paying bills, sitting in traffic, raising children, caring for aging parents, family obligations, meal planning, shopping, exercising, reading the news, day after day. It’s difficult amidst all the movement and chaos surrounding us to slow down and appreciate something as miraculous as our own steady heartbeat. Reiki is a time to slow down, pause, and become aware that the body is a temple for the spirit to experience the miracle of life.

2. Reiki helps with sleep.

Almost everyone experiences a deep state of relaxation after a Reiki session that carries over into sleep. Reiki eases stress and tension. It calms the mind making it easer to fall asleep and have restful nights.

3. Reiki helps with clarity.

Being still and quiet while also observing the energy within can help dissolve confusion. Reiki clears energetic blockages and can show the next steps in a situation as focus is realigned.

4. Reiki helps with injury, illness, and physical pain.

Reiki gets you out of fight-flight-freeze and into the zone of rest and restoration. The deep state of relaxation opens up pathways for mindfulness and emotional release. With a higher vibration mindset, the body is able to recover free from resistance.

5. Reiki helps with spirituality.

Reiki has no attachments to any religion. Reiki can, however, help deepen the connection to God, the Divine, the universe, the oneness of all creation. Reiki helps to feel closer to God because one gets to experience during a Reiki session themself as a unique and individualized spirit with the essence of God living and breathing within.

6. Reiki helps with therapy.

Reiki is a quiet form of therapy. While traditional therapy is talk-based, Reiki sessions are a way to quietly focus on specific topics from talk therapy. Set an intention to ask for clarity and/or release from a talk therapy topic. Observe where in the body it is held, and then allow for it to release. Reiki combined with therapy can lead to a more impactful healing journey.

7. Reiki helps creativity.

I personally consider Reiki as essential to my creativity and manifesting abilities. In fact, my first Reiki experience was over 11 years ago when I received Reiki during labor of my youngest child. I also utilized Reiki when I was training to run a marathon. One of the most powerful things about Reiki is that it helps to dissolve resistance. Add in Reiki to any creative project, endeavor, journey, or anything you want to accomplish.

8. Reiki is self care.

Reiki truly is about the self… the you of you. Reiki is about the journey into the inner dwelling of the self and caring not only for your body, mind, and emotions, but also your soul’s purpose. Entering the inner dwelling of the self, your soul, and you enter the realm of radical self care.

I hope this blog post was informative in your search about Reiki. While I fully jumped into Reiki and never looked back, take your time deciding if Reiki is right for you and finding a practitioner.

… But if you’re ready, I’m looking forward to connecting with you. My in-person Reiki Sessions are in Minneapolis, MN. They last 90 minutes with 60 minutes of hands-on Reiki. My practice is sliding scale $75 – $120 per each session.

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