Can Reiki Cure Anything?

I’ve been practicing Reiki on myself for the last 9 years. I’ve been a Reiki Practitioner for more than 6 years… and I’m just going to tell you that I don’t know if Reiki can cure anything.

With my Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki attunements in 2014, I started off volunteering in hospice. My experience was that in the active stages of dying, Reiki did not eliminate death. For these people, Reiki was a vehicle for deep relaxation, peace, and an opening into the spiritual, non-physical realm of beingness.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed other miracles that so happened to take place during or after Reiki sessions. I’ve seen people able to:

accept peace ● recover from illness and injury ● make life changes ● take responsibility ● get curious ● transform ● use their voice ● give birth ● begin new relationships ● end old relationships ● complete projects ● discover joy ● discover their purpose ● acknowledge buried emotions ● get to the root of anxiety ● go through their grieving process ● let go of blocks and obstacles ● make peace with their past ● change entire careers ● begin their own Reiki practices ● set intentions and manifest new goals ● turn inward and love themselves more

What Can Reiki Do?

Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. I believe that statement is a hard one to grasp and understand, especially considering the expectation to only accept tangible, scientifically proven things. How does Universal Life Force Energy compare to something like acetaminophen?

The two are incomparable. Acetaminophen treats the effect and not the cause of physical pain. Universal Life Force Energy on the other hand is so expansive and so powerful, that it cannot be defined in terms of curing anything… and yet Universal Life Force Energy is everything and it is everywhere. 

Reiki is a technique of applying Universal Life Force Energy onto the body to treat the cause and effect of conditions. 

Reiki can also apply Universal Life Force Energy to any situation, goal, emotion, and intention. Reiki beams Universal Life Force Energy wherever someone puts their attention. 

Can Reiki Cure Anything?

I still don’t know the answer to this question. I can, however, share with you my very first Reiki session. It was late winter of 2014. My four children at that time were 12, 4, and 3. I was a stressed mom and struggling to make it through a Minnesota winter. I was in bad need of grounding. Additionally, I was still having intense knee pain after having run the 2013 Twin Cities Marathon.

My First Reiki Session

When the practitioner placed her hands on my feet and knees, I quite literally felt pain leaving my body. I can only describe it as thick strings or yarn being pulled out of my knee. It was as though the pain was wound into a tight ball and it unraveled in that Reiki session. But way more than that experience itself, I left that Reiki session feeling truly alive. That first session set me on my path to get curious about my soul’s purpose. 

Reiki Can Do Anything 

I believe that Reiki is a gift. A gift that is so special because it is uniquely and individually wrapped for everyone who comes to explore Reiki. 

Perhaps a better question is What Can Reiki Do for Me?

What condition, diagnosis, injury, or area of your life do you want Reiki to focus on? What is it about you that you want to get to know better? What aspects about you do you want to understand and love more? What are you ready to release so you can open and welcome pathways for new stuff to come in? How can Reiki shed light on your blessings and gratitude?

A 90-minute Reiki session with me is always on a sliding scale. You pay what you’re comfortable with between $75 and $120, plus sales tax.

Find out what Reiki can do for you.

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