The Importance of Self Care

"Flowers are God's way of smiling." Photo by Ezekixl  Akinnewu

What type of self care do you practice? Do you make self care a priority as part of your daily routine? Do you prioritize self care only when you’re running on fumes as a an emergency measure of survival? Or is self care for you something that is go big or not at all?

You and I likely have it in common that we have practiced multiple types of self care. The times when I have been most stressed either from working in a corporate environment, finances, parenting, or crisis… those are the times when I used self care to “make it through.” One-time massages, one-time yoga sessions, one long walk, a cup of tea, a glass or more of wine, a bath, starting a craft, etc…

Then there’s self care with the intention of expansion rather than surviving a limitation or condition. Self care that builds momentum. Committing to something everyday over a period of time. A 21 or 40-day meditation series. Training for a 5k or 10k. Completing a yoga challenge. Reading 5 books over the summer. Setting an evening and morning routine.

There’s nothing wrong with these two self care models. They both emphasis the self. There are times when we are going through trials, and times when we are highly vibrational.

Why Is Self Care Important?

Have you noticed the messaging out there leans heavily on working hard to prove your worth, sacrificing your health and wellbeing for the success of others, and that you have to purchase and consume material products? Self care has even become a monetized consumer product. You can spend thousands of dollars on self care and still feel drained, exhausted, empty, and lacking joy.

Real self care affirms that you exist, and that your existence matters.

When you care for and about yourself, you are coming into alignment and in agreement with The One who created you. You were created with an abundance of creativity and intention. I’m here to tell you that no person, product, place, or condition is possibly able to care more about yourself than you. No one knows you better than you.

Self care is about taking self responsibility.

I’ve been reflecting about a recent conversation I had with one of my teenage children about brushing their teeth. You might be thinking “ew!” Why would brushing teeth be an issue? Well, let me tell you I thought the same thing. Why did this child leave the house without brushing their teeth? But then… as I asked myself how many times have I left the house and started my day without tending to my self care needs, I became humbled.

With such an emphasis on going big when it comes to self care, I think we easily forget that self care is basically taking responsibility for ourselves.

When we tend toward self care as the big ticket items (think social media worthy), we miss out on the awareness of the ways that we are already taking care of ourselves. We miss out on the appreciation of caring for our basic needs.

Rather than coming up with a new list of self care things to try, take a few minutes to write down your regular and consistent self care routines of meeting your needs.

Consistent self care uplifts your vibrational status.

Sporadic self care when you are under stress is very temporary. It’s like taking a sip of water in the desert. You’re still fatigued and thirsty.

When you are under stress a part of your brain triggers your adrenal glands to secrete adrenaline and cortisol hormones. When the stressful situation abates, your adrenaline and cortisol levels return to their normal levels in your body. If however, you are under constant stress, and especially coming from multiple directions, your adrenaline and cortisol levels remain elevated and can lead to: chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, sleep disturbance, digestion issues, anxiety, depression, headaches, and illnesses.

Having a regular and consistent self care routine can reduce your adrenaline and cortisol levels and have you feeling like your true self again. When you’re feeling like your true self, you can begin to build momentum toward feeling better and better everyday.

Is Reiki self care?

I use Reiki as a personal and spiritual approach to my self care… and as a self care approach with my clients. I emphasize feeling what it feels like to be in your body as yourself. I also emphasize Reiki as a relaxation technique to dissolve fight/flight/freeze. Reiki is self care because it is the self connecting with the self. It’s about coming into the agreement and alignment with The One who created you. Reiki is taking self responsibility for your existence and your well being. The thing about Reiki is that it is truly about and for the self.

Are you running low on self care and looking for ways to take care of yourself and feel better? Just start with right now by connecting with your breath. Awareness of your breath is self care. With every inhale, affirm to yourself “I matter.” When you exhale, make yourself available to just let go.

If you are researching Reiki in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, I currently have openings for in person sessions on Saturdays. Each Reiki session is always on a sliding scale ($75-$120) + sales tax.

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